May 15th  -  8 notes  -  J

Fashion Police : Joan Rivers Closet Raid

May 10th  -  11 notes  -  J

Hey guys! My very very good friend Laura Polko is an amazing hairstylist, and has ever so graciously agreed to lend a hand in helping me create how-to hair tutorials for you guys. This week she shows us how to do the ever so popular, fishtail braid. Please check out her website at Enjoy!

May 3rd  -  29 notes  -  J

It was bound to happen, guys! I’ve caught Bieber/Carly Rae Jepsen fever! I know I know, it’s been done and over done before. But, it’s never been done quite like this. Just a casual Saturday afternoon with a few of my favorite people. After you see this video, I’m sure you’ll understand why.
April 25th  -  12 notes  -  J

90210 Rewind: Annie

April 9th  -  10 notes  -  J caught up with Shenae Grimes and chatted about her character on “90210,” being a part of Young Hollywood, and her future ambitions.