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90210 Season 4 bloopers.

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Nick Zano is just as disarmingly charming as he appears on-screen kids and his character’s been a super fun addition to the 90210 gang! Let me know what you guys think when the episodes air!
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I’m About To Get Sappy

I’ve gotta say, it was a lovely day on set yesterday! We had almost the entire cast in a scene, which is always a rare occasion, and our set was on the sun-soaked sands of Huntington Beach…great energy all around!

It may sound cheesy but it truly is days like that that reminds me how phenomenal it is that I get to do what I do and beyond all the bullshit, work with the people that I work with. The unique and obviously multi-talented people that make up my cast also happen to be the passionate, inspiring, hilarious and supportive people that have become an extended family to me over the past four years. Through highs and lows of every avenue, we’ve been stuck together and have held on tight. 

I’ve said this from the beginning and will always marvel at the fact that only we have experienced the ride we’ve been on and without each other, I sure as hell know I would’ve fallen off along the way.  I love you guys!